Iowa governor proclamation encourages, not requires COVID safety measures

On Friday, February 5, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued her latest Proclamation of Disaster Emergency, essentially eliminating the existing COVID-19 safety requirements previously in place. Instead, the governor is encouraging Iowans to take measures to keep each other safe.

In the new proclamation, Reynolds no longer requires, but strongly encourages businesses and other employers open with in-person operations to take reasonable measures to ensure the health of employees, customers and members of the public. That includes social distancing, increased hygiene and other public health measures to reduce the risk of COVID transmission.

That section of the proclamation also says that it shall not be used to close or take other action against businesses or employers that don't follow that encouragement.

As for gatherings, Reynolds again strongly encourages those that host or hold gatherings to ensure the health of those taking part, with social distancing, increased hygiene and other public health measures.

The proclamation does not mention face coverings specifically. Previous proclamations had included them amongst the requirements for businesses and gatherings where social distancing may not be possible.

The change was set to take effect on Sunday, February 7.

Other sections address requirements to keep schools open for in-person learning, while allowing remote learning as families choose and in emergency situations.

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