Smeby elected to remain supervisor

On March 23, voters living in Worth County's District 2 supervisor district chose who would represent them as supervisor.

Gary Hanson had been elected to fill the seat in November 2020, but could not fill the position. Incumbent Mark Smeby was appointed to continue in office after the position became vacant. Residents of the district exercised their right to call for an election after the appointment. The election was held on Tuesday.

Appearing on ballots were Tom Dakin, representing the Democratic Party; Dean Mueller; Brian Nelson; and Smeby, who represented the Republican Party.

Smeby was elected to remain in the position, receiving 169 out of 492 votes cast, for 34.35%.

Dakin received 59 votes, for 11.9%. Mueller reiceved 128 votes, for 26.02%. Nelson received 135 votes, for 27.44%. There was one write-in vote.

Smeby will serve the remainder of the term, through 2024.

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