WCPH asks for patience as vaccinations continue

Friends and residents of Worth County- Many of you have heard or read the post below regarding the beginning of Phase 1B- effective February 1, individuals and/or COVID-19 vaccinations to those age 65 and older or individuals that fall into the Tier 2 group of individuals in some other way. Beginning January 25, the Worth County Public Health office began taking calls from those eligible to receive the vaccine.
Your name will be put on a list in the order of calls received.Please, please be courteous to the staff when you call and at the time of your appointment. When one looks at the large undertaking of vaccinating an entire population of a state, nation and world,  it is a massive job.
Worth County Public Health has no control over when or how much vaccine will be allotted to us at a given time. The Public Health staff will also be responsible to vaccinate employees at some of the larger manufacturing businesses in Worth County. There are rules that are mandated by the state and national agencies.
The need to receive the second dose of the vaccine in a timely manner also plays into scheduling. For this reason, we all will  need to be patient in waiting for our appointment time. Please remember that the Worth County Public Health staff must also continue to take care of the existing clients or any new clients that need nursing care within the County.
We have individuals that have volunteered to help with the appointments and during vaccinations and those individuals will help when and where practical.
Worth County has a great Public Health facility and a wonderful caring staff. Please remember to be courteous and patient. Once you have your appointment time, please arrive at your given time and you will need to stay for around 15 minutes after you receive your vaccination as a precaution of any possible side effects from the vaccine. Masks and social distancing will be required.
Getting news out to the public has been difficult since changes are often made once or twice a week from state or national agencies. For this reason, Facebook has been the easiest to use since we can make new notifications immediately when changes occur. Since Phase 1B, effective February 1, is soon beginning, we will try to make local newspaper publication notices. We do understand not everyone has social media access and it would help immensely if you have family, friends or neighbors that don’t have access to social media if you could please pass information along to them.

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